Saturday, 27 August 2016

Funny proposal in college corridor - Online flower delivery in Kolkata

I got admission 5 year back for M.B.A. New city, new people I was quite crazy about my PG in new city, Kolkata.  First day in college was very exciting, everyone introducing themselves in auditorium. After end of this session, one of our senior said to shift in class room. We all shifted and a big gang of seniors entered in class room. They told about PDP (personality development program) actually like a ragging and extend up to 7 days .They will assign some funny or miraculous task. After that they will organize fresher party for us. We all were ready for PDP.

Every senior was taking introductions and assigning task.  2nd day of PDP I met with my classmate Mr. Kshitiz Agarwal. We were sitting together and enjoying PDP & college. On 6th day of PDP, in the recess time I heard someone was calling my name in high volume from center of corridor. I turned back and saw it was the kshitiz with flower bouquet sitting on knees. I saw everyone turned and seeing him, one boy went near to me and whispered "Please accept it". Kshitiz said in high volume "I Love you Moli". I understood, it was a PDP. I went there and accept that flowers and passed the smile. Every one clapped. With shyness we two went from there.

Lovingly Yours A bunch of 10 Red Roses

Kshitiz explain the whole story from day 1 he got the assignment to propose me at corridor. Any way the lovely beautiful rose’s bouquet in my hand, faint-hearted. That PDP made us closer and Kshitiz and I were in relationship and continuing now as well. Every year my senior Mr.Mudit still sends us rose bouquet as a punishment.

On this time Mr Mudit used “online flower delivery in Kolkata” Services and delivered it with utmost care and we were very delighted on receiving the flowers from a friend who really cares for us.