Thursday, 24 November 2016

Introduce you to the current trends


 Technology come in trend and whole India is transforming in digital world. All activity, lifestyle changed. People are doing work from home with laptops. Children doing study with tablets. Smart phone overcome the distance between colleagues, family & relatives with high technology. Money transfer online, food ordering & gifting sites make us independent and give us freedom to celebrate occasion from anywhere. We can manage our world with small smart phone. From kid to old man all are happy with smart phone or we can say magic lamp, which helps in all stuff like entertainment, relationship, business, news, and education. Sometime these digitization give the unexpected happiness. Like give a surprise to friend on her/his birthday with online cake & flower delivery.

Many of E-Commerce sites make our relation's strong. Winni Provides online Cake delivery in Lucknow. Celebrate your friends, family and colleague’s day with flower delivery in Lucknow. Make your appearance in different way of celebration.

 cake & flower combo

Welcome in Modern world and stay happy with easy solutions for all work. Feel blessed and enjoy the life.

Are you a cool mom?

Kid loves games, cookies, cakes, candy & chocolates. They play hide & seek in real life, sometime they hide their self from mom while they are having candies, chocolates quietly. Cute pie, naughty kids some time express the innocent face after a big mess.

1. Abhi To Party Shuru Hue Hai...

2. Oh! Mom is here

 3. This is my birthday and my own cake

4. It's so small..

5. Most favorite one

6. Come on mom this is not bad :(

7. Fall in love with you 

Children are crazy about cakes. They want to spend sometime alone so they can make their own world and can enjoy their childhood better. Want to fulfill your naughty kid desire, order cake online in Lucknow. Feel them happy and enjoy your world's world. Winni bring a great service of cakes in your city. Find online cake delivery in Lucknow and make your celebration wonderful.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Are you satisfied with your moves?

Many people today do not see anything wrong about the strong winning over the weak. This is the Law of the Jungle, but I think such an attitude is foolish because it is mindless. It involves no wisdom, no reasoning, no will. Those who can do no more than follow their instincts have no control over their fate. Along with instinctive desire, we have intelligence, conscience, the ability to love, and a sense of compassion. It is the ability to use these powers to satisfy our instinctive desires, while yet keeping them under control, that distinguishes us as human beings.

Don't make your dream with broke heart. Because on a day you will regret & realize to make things better, you are not able to change and whole life you will suffer with regression. Spread the love & share the happiness with all surrounded you. That's the power make you happy from inner. Identity you inner peace & work for that.

Smiley & Happy faces gives you a strong believe to complete your dreams and  satisfy instinctive desires. Make the things joyful and celebrate your victory with online cake delivery in Lucknow along with send flowers to Lucknow and surprise the loved ones or send a gift for forgiveness. Today is the day when you deal up things .

keep smile & stay happy !

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Why Patiala is so famous?

Patiala city is considered as Royal Punjabi city because of Army Area. They are open minded and enjoy the occasion with full excitement. Patiala famous for many things like...

1. Patiala peg (Liqour): 

Most famous thing of Patiala is Patiala peg. Single drink with approx 50% alcohol.  The Maharaja of Patiala likes giving parties of peg of whiskey where everyone is treated like royal way. Glasses filled again and again by serving staff without any request. So some people hide glass with a napkin. On the Patiala peg some companies started 90-120 ml peg supply.


2. Patiala salwar(women bottom pant):

The famous ladies bottom pant Patiala salwar stitch with  approx 5 meter cloth, that make lots of plates and looks very pretty.

 3. Patiala Turban:

The Royal Patiala shahi turban originated from Patiala. In the Patiala turban stripes  go down on right side & up on Left side. Before Independence Patiala is not a small city, it is like a state and carry the cloth style like a royal.

4. Patiala Jutti(footwear):

Ladies footwear specially used to wear with Ethnic dresses. Made with silk thread & pearl work on leather. Very famous in Punjabi culture.

5. Phulkari:

Pulkari is type of embroidery which designed on shawls, scarfs & dupattas. That is made on special occasion like marriage, on birth of son.

Punjabi people loves to celebrate occasion, birthday, anniversary & marriages. To make your celebration more sweeter Winni brings the online cake delivery in Patiala. Now you can enjoy your happiness with cakes by home delivery. Gift fresh real flowers to your loved ones and made your day extremely impressive. You can send flowers to Patiala along with different variety of cakes.  Flower gifting is the best way to express your feeling and happiness. 

On the name of Patiala, we heard many songs which are on our tips and can't stop us for dance. The one special is "Patiala peg laga ke".

Friday, 16 September 2016

Be An Indian

The big issue between Tamilnadu & Karnataka about Cauvery water dispute made the high violence in states. 3 days Karnataka Bandh  & now continued at Tamilnadu. Karnataka loose around 25000 cr. in this provocation hitting transport services and businesses. But still in water demand they are fighting & waiting for same squander in Tamilnadu.
That lose is not only effecting these two states but also all India will suffer. Think about your country first and then take some action. This issue is the most unfortunate thing to happen in a civilized and modern India. Let's us Question on the integrity of India as a nation.
21st September, The international day of peace. Before celebrating the day we should make India peacefully. Please stop fight and violence. Make India calm.

Ganesha pooja, Eid & Onam all went away without celebration. People waits for those big occasion's celebration and due this incident they are unhappy. Make them happy and integrate India again and celebrate your victory with online cake delivery in chennai.


People of both states has to make their heart big and generous and treat water as symbol of loved. Karnataka has not released water but love and people of Tamil Nadu has to receive water as the part of love sharing.

Try to agreement with situations. Violence cannot provide a solution to any problem. Be an Indian not just Kannadigas & Tamilian.

Jai Hind

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Don't wait for opportunity

In life what you desire with heart, will definitely  you get. Need to believe strongly. Nothing is impossible in this world. Take steps to get goal. Each and every step helps you to get your destiny. People who are walking alone or self dependent gets the goal fast.  Don't stop till you are not fully tired or if you did not give your 100%. Try again & again may be you are just one step behind your success. 

Here, lots of people will be ready to take credit of your success. At that time many people around you will try to handshake with you. But while trying to achieve it, no one around you will be there to help; that is the fact.

Take a chance and believe always in yourself and after success,  celebrate your day alone, trust me that celebration change your mind with huge positivity, relaxation & double strength. 

I celebrated my day with Winni. I placed the order for me by send flowers to Ludhiana & online cake delivery in Ludhiana. With the sweetness of Choco Valvette Cake and fresh red rose's fragrance made my day splendid.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, and the heart desire, you can achieve.”

Monday, 12 September 2016

Life it too short. Have you enjoyed it well?

Now we are so busy in work, giving 10 hours of a day for work. 8 to 9 hours for sleep. Remaining 6 hours we spent in fighting, grumble of work and life style. Why we are not thinking, how can we make life wonderful?  Yes, these 6 hours can make you happy if you want. 

Follow rules to be happy....

1. Keep away yourself from people who are used to unhappy with any work.

2. Full utilize your 6 hours time to enjoy life.

3. Life is too short, don't waste it in fighting & jargon.

4. Try to celebrate each & every occasion.

5. Explore the world & communicate with different people.

6. Build forgiveness quality in yourself.

7. Take the blunder easy & focus on solutions.

8. Whatever you have, imagine that is more than enough. You are much blessed.

9. Don't believe on misfortune, ill starred & other superstitions.

10. Don't think, you are not capable.

Birthday celebration 

Try to make happy surrounded people so that you will automatically live the life with positive & happy things.  Celebrate the birthday in different & unique style (online cake delivery in Gurgaon, sendflowers to Gurgaon). Try to surprise your friends, family and relish as much as possible and count on every Moment.